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What is the Doctors Personal Injury Program?

Attract new personal injury patients...EASILY
Proven nationally effective since 1989

The Doctors Personal Injury (PI) Program focuses on your clinical excellence to get lawyers to run after you because you are the solution to THEIR practice. Over the last 25 years Dr. Mark Studin, with his team have been successful in getting lawyers to realize that for the majority of their cases, the "right" chiropractor is the best solution to be the quarterback for the spinal related injuries of their clients. As a result, lawyers nationally are bypassing the medical specialists and choosing our team of trained chiropractic experts to be the first-line referrals for the injured.

This program has already been responsible for 100,000+ lawyer referrals to the chiropractic profession with that number growing daily.

The core of the program is not via success in any chiropractic practice ans that is surely the fastest path towards failure in personal injury. Dr. Studin lectures nationally to lawyers and to date has personally presented to over 120,000 lawyers. His audiences have included trial lawyers and bar associations, in-house counsel for carriers, state bar bench-bars, private in-house counsels for small, medium and large firms as well as 1000's of presentations as a guest speaker. Dr. Studin currently personally presents in over 25 states and it these forums where the Doctors PI Program learns what is important in today's medical-legal-insurance community and tailors the program based on the needs of the courts and the carriers.

  1. Step-by-Step Program on how to get lawyers to run after you
  2. 34 years of experience that certifies marketing, dinners and advertisements are a waste of your money
  3. 500+ Educational Modules
  4. We give you letters of protection, liens and other legal instruments to ensure payment
  5. Get MD specialists to refer to you
  6. Lien negotiation program
  7. "Colossus Type" documention training
  8. Colossus to the Courtroom program*
  9. The latest medical research continually given to you in "lawyer friendly " formats
  10. Medical-legal encyclopedia for lawyers with evidenced based research
  11. Evidenced based scientific literature to ensure your payments
  12. How to use your own patients as leverage with lawyers to get new cases
  13. MRI Training
  14. Narrative Report training that was crafted by 100,000 lawyers
  15. Diagnosis/coding training
  16. Audits performed on your documentation
  17. We give you SOAP note templates that have been used in 100,000+ patients successfully
  18. Online CV builder included
  19. Online Directory included
  20. Staff training
  21. Communication systems and forms
  22. 24/7 spine specialist on call for consultations
  23. Learn how to use your credentials and clinical excellence to get referrals
  24. Unlimited telephone support
  25. Detailed "how to manual" updated daily (700+ sections)..simple to follow
  26. Complete program to get lawyers to run after you
INCLUDED... 6 FREE "PACE" continung education (CE) credits annually by simply reading the edcuational modules of the program

*What is the "Colossus to the Courtroom" Program?

The "Colossus to the Courtroom" Program is also included in your monthly fee. This program is critical to personal injury success in today's marketplace. Responsible "Colossus type" documentation is about settlements, while the courtroom is about the end-game for the lawyers. This entire program allows the lawyer to use you at every level (although you will rarely end up in court). Without the lawyer being able to take you to their "end-game," the courtroom, most will not start with you if they cannot finish with you. For the legal community, that is called leverage in negotiations and you must be their leverage. Once a lawyer realizes that you are not the real deal, you become a one and done in their eyes and it destroys your reputation...often forever!


Costs and Program Statistics



  1. Fee: $199 per month
  2. Length of agreement: Month to month. If this program does not meet your needs, or if we do not deliver as promised fire us at any time for any reason. No questions will be asked. However..our average doctor stays a member for 6 years. The reason...what we teach works and not only gets you where you want to be, but helps you stay on top.
  3. .Set up fee: $225 This fee goes to protecting your digital identity. We employ the same internet security that many large banks, insurance companies and the Federal government utilizes to protect your security. We take this very seriously and only work the best-of-the-best in the digital world.
  4. Time requirements: 15 minutes per day for 6 weeks


Business Projections: Our average doctor gets:

  • 5 new cases per month at 3 months
  • 9 new cases per month at 1 year<
Our best office nationally gets 60 new cases per week and the worst gets "0". These offices are also located 30 minutes from one another...for the the work.

Although this program does not teach, focus or train you on "creative coding," the following graph is what our average doctor realizes financially by simply practicing ethically and being the best-of-the-best clinically.




The Secret to PI Success and Future Trends Revealed

THE SECRET... or not, because there really are no secrets...just uninformed practitioners who have not yet taken the requisite action steps to succeed at a higher level!

Please click here to view Dr. Studin's CV

I have been a practicing chiropractor since 1981 and have owned and managed many practices in many different disciplines of healthcare. As a result, I have learned the secrets of success in healthcare. The truth is there are no real secrets, only formulas for success and conversely, formulas for failure. I offer, at a very fair fee, to teach you how to grow your practice, not just during our relationship, but for the lifetime of your career as a chiropractor. I share the same success principles with this program that I suggest you, the chiropractor, and any doctor does with the lawyers; have your work be admissible and be the “best-of-the-best” through clinical excellence. You shall win if you have the right programs and protocols in place.

Now, for a very big secret...Even if you have $10,000's to spend on a regular basis in personal injury, marketing, newsletters, advertising and fancy steak dinners, they do not work as they are a failed paradigm. If they worked, everyone who ran an advertisement or took a lawyer out for drinks and an expensive dinner would have a huge PI practice and very few do. Marketing and advertising will drive a few patients into your practice from the lawyer, but once the lawyer sees your work, that usually means you are a one-and-done. They send you 1 patient and are done with you…forever!

For success in practice, it takes more than marketing. The biggest problem is that you will get the referral; remember, it is always easy to get 1-2 referrals. It's what you do with the referral that will determine your future success in personal injury. In order for the chiropractor, or any doctor, to be successful in personal injury, there must be 2 components involved, admissibility and clinical excellence. Your work needs to be in the correct format for the courts to accept it into evidence so the lawyer can use it in his case and you need to be the best clinically. Clinical excellence in personal injury has nothing to do with the chiropractor’s ability to get a patient well through adjusting or any modality you use. That is the given and the lawyer expects you to help the patient.

Clinical excellence is about being a true specialist in disc pathology, spine pathology, neuropathology, crash dynamics, triaging the injuries, MRI spine interpretation, spinal biomechanical engineering and the doctor needs to have formal credentials. The lawyer has many choices for referrals and your competition is not other chiropractors, it's orthopedists, neurologists, neurosurgeons, etc. The chiropractor has to have the knowledge base and the credentials through formal education; that is admissibility. The chiropractor has one very big advantage over those other disciplines; they all see the patient once or twice, yet the chiropractor treats the patient 3 times a week for many weeks and understands the continuity of care. In adddtiion, if you, the propoerly trained chiropractor postions yourself properly, the lawyers WILL by pass the MD specialists and make you there first-line for thier referrals. It's sweeping the nation and you could be the recipient in your community.

All that is missing is a system to get the lawyer to run after you because the second you ask for a referral, you lose. Every other doctor in the community is begging for referrals, unsuccessfully. The definition of insanity is to do the same thing and expect different results…You will lose, too. You need to get the lawyers to run after you.

The most important part of our relationship will be consultations that are included in the monthly fee. These consultations are in a cookbook format that will guide you) will teach you how to speak the language of the lawyers, how to create that paradigm shift so they run after you and when you get a referral, you will know how to triage and care for the patient. I will also share with you many strategies in other areas of your practice from internal and external practice growth ideas to increasing your profitability. If you follow our protocols, your practice will increase in income per patient, not that I will show you extravagant billing strategies, but if you do personal injury or any financial class and document properly using accurate coding and backing it up, you will get paid.

In addition, I will constantly share with you what’s going on in the profession and help guide you in the Future Trends of the chiropractic practice. I have clients nationally that communicate with me regularly and lawyers nationally that I also speak with on a daily basis. I share information with my active clients, usually on a daily basis, so you have the information you need to stay ahead of the curve. We are usually teaching you what you need to do next year in order to get paid, not lose patients, avoid audits and prevent licensure issues. This is another reason why doctors, although able to quit at any time, for any reason CHOOSE to stay a client for 6 years on average. Knowing the future of your industry is poiwerful and keeps you far ahead of the competition. It also allows you to get paid and then keep your money for the right reasons. You were prepared!

The truth is, we do not initally market lawyers and neither will you because it doesn’t work. Through market research we know there is a much more effective way of gaining the legal community's confidence and trust. It involves getting them to consider you, the chiropractor, and getting the referral over the medical specialist without asking. I want to make sure you heard that…Get the referral WITHOUT asking; they have to run after you and we will share with you that formula. It’s very easy.

Lastly, you get me...a coach to call when you need me, on any practice or clinical issue, and that is included in the monthly fee. It's not that I am smarter than other consultants or coaches or even you; it's just that I have been there personally, building my primary practice of 650 visits per week while also owning 3 other practices, consulting medical doctors, hospitals, teaching univiersities, dentists and imaging centers on reimbursement strategies and having made more mistakes than most. The end result, I have learned my lessons well and I want you to win by sharing the solutions with you.

In addition, I have spent time over the last decade learning how to interpret most diagnostic tests that are involved in spinal related trauma, so you get to confer with me, link up via computer and review films and seek advice on treatment strategies. This is all part of the program. Also, you get me not just to convince you to sign up as a client and then “farm you out” to another less experienced consultant. You get me and my 30+ years of experience and no one else. Even if you choose not to join the Lawyers PI Program, I still welcome your phone call if you need help because I love doing this stuff…because it’s fun!

The one thing that I urge you to do that will completely explain the program is to watch the video at the top of the page, even if you do not join the program. It will give you the reasons why lawyers will work with you. Please take the few minutes; it can change your career by giving you answers as to why.





Ohio: I just had a law firm in Columbus call me. They are about 90 miles from me. We share a client and when they saw what I was doing, the head guy from the firm called me from vacation in Florida! His kids were playing in the pool in the background. They run the largest soft tissue injury practice in Ohio. He wants to schedule a time to come down to Cincinnati and TAKE ME to dinner and a Reds Baseball game. He is excited about the P-IME's and getting new patients to me. We are now getting an average of 2 Personal Injury / Work Comp patients on a daily basis!

Nebraska: I have had over a dozen attorney meetings. Every single attorney has said they have never seen a chiropractor with such impressive credentials or a narrative as solid as mine. One firm scheduled me to come back so the other three partners could hear what I had to say. Another asked me if I would be an expert witness on a case. Then there is the 7 new patients I have had today, with 4 coming from one attorney. This crazy stuff seems to work. Thank you for making me the best of the best, it is worth all the hard work

Georgia: The Month of February was a great month and I am writing to tell you our stats which you can use any way you want to in your advertising...New PI patients 43. I attribute my success to your program and your unparalleled coaching.

New York: In 2010 I had 30% growth, in 2011 I had 53% growth, in 2012 I had 50% growth. In 2013 I now have 36% growth. I should be close to 60% this year compared to last. Every time you "tweak" the program, I get busier!

Georgia: I have been in the program for a few years. As the program changes, I get more new PI cases. Last year I averaged 27 new PI cases per month and this year, the number increased to 33 per month. Keep the changes coming.

Nevada:Thanks to you I have 5 new PI Patients scheduled for tomorrow. When I first started witht he Doctors PI Program, about a year ago, I was averaging 17 new cases per month and over the last 3 months we have been getting over 30 per month....and that was from meeting 30 lawyers following your program.. We still have another 420 lawyers to meet.

New Jersey: Dr. Studin, I wanted to send you a note to recap the last 4 years of my membership with the Lawyers PI Program.I have been a member of the Lawyers PI Program for 4 years. Let me make this simple..since I have been a member:1. My personal income has risen over 150% with my profits increasing monthly 2. I was a slow learner, but I started to get (more) new PI Cases at the 6 month mark 3. My PI Cases have tripled and have remained consistent for now, 4 continual years. Am I the best adjuster? Am I the best communicator? Am I the best business person? Probably not...but I am the best at following a plan that works.I now have a clear strategy for both practicing and retiring that I could never have had before. In short, I have now completely changed my practice, my income and my outlook on the future with your $199 per month program. It is hands down the best investment I have ever made. I welcome other doctors calling me so that I can help them achieve what I have...Freedom!

New York: I got 6 referrals after my first lawyer meeting

North Carolina: Without your program, none of this would be happening! I would be begging attorneys for referrals without a clue of what they really want. I’m not trying to pump you up too much, but you are changing our lives with this program, which allows us to help our community. At the end of the day, the money is insignificant, it’s helping people that makes this world a better place. Thank you for helping me help others, raising up the profession and improving my families quality of life. Oh yeah, I have 7 new PI patients this week.

Georgia: Sorry…I can’t talk to you today…. I had a busy day with 7 new PI patients. Your program WORKS!!!!!!

New Jersey Lawyer: I will only work with doctors that you have trained. Every time I work with one of your doctors, we win our cases.

Pennsylvania: I just got off the phone with an attorney that I had never met before. He called me because he has a difficult case he wants me to look at and he heard "around town" that I was the "real deal"...those were his exact words! I thought you'd get a kick out of that one considering you tell us all the time if you want to succeed, you have to be the REAL DEAL.

Washington: When I started in 2011 my practice was 8% PI and as of last month it was 30%. Thanks

Florida: As you know I have been in the program with you for several years and continue to grow and learn. I just returned from lunch with an attorney I work with and we review ALL cases once a month. He mentioned today that he is no longer working with any other Chiropractors and has advised the three junior attorneys in his office to do the same. He says my cases routinely settle for significantly higher amounts than any other his firm has ever worked with. I currently have over 70 open cases with him and the last soft tissue, non-surgical disc case just settled for $80K with State Farm. I'm looking forward to whatever you may have coming up soon!

New York: You could have warned me about this program! Holy Sh_t!! I happened to have spoken to a few attorneys in the course of business and am using your language and OMG!!! I literally had an attorney say to me, "OK-Let's open the flood gates to your office." They're asking me for packages about myself. I'm shocked at how fast things are happening but it's all good. And it makes me feel pumped. I'm excited. So far this course is far exceeding expectations.

California: This is one of the best programs I have been a part of because it was not only about getting referrals, but also about compliance, marketing, new laws that are changing how we run our practices and really how to be the "Best of the Best".

Georgia: Hi Mark, Here is my story, and you can use my name if you want. When I first signed up with you I believe close to three years ago I was Desperate!!! I loved doing PI work but with all the begging and pleading and fruit baskets I wasn't getting many referrals from attorneys. I was barely making ends meet financially and had even SERIOUSLY looked into changing careers and trying to buy a fast food franchise, that's how desperate I was. Something about your advertisement caught my attention and so I said I'll try Dr. Studin's method of attracting PI cases with attorneys. As soon as I heard your method and read some of your consults, it was an answer to my prayers, manna from heaven, because deep down inside I totally believed everything you said and felt very comfortable doing it, I just wished I had thought of it! Anyway, to make a long story short my practice has grown from a few PI cases per month to 51 new PI referrals in March 2012. WOW!!! Nothing more to say, but your method works and I am blessed to be able to stay in chiropractic...

New York: I need some help! Just dropping off the educational material may not be the most efficient way as now I am in front of 40 attorneys in 21 firms personally. Getting to each office during the month may be a bit difficult. If I was single and had no kids, piece of cake. In an effort to stay consistent with the program, I need help and solutions because I cannot keep up and it has only taken me 6 months to get to this point. I now have 40 lawyers that want me to meet with them on a monthly basis as a result of this program and most of them are referring patients to me on a regular basis. WOW!!! In retrospect, I only joined this program to earn enough money to help my other businesses get going so I could leave chiropractic…I can't...I am too busy and making too much money and doing what I love best...chiropractic!

Georgia: The Month of February was a great month and I am writing to tell you our stats which you can use any way you want to in your advertising...New PI patients 43. I attribute my success to your program and your unparalleled coaching...P.S. my overhead is less than 50%. I practice in Marietta Ga. where there are 500 licensed chiropractors in my county due to the chiropractic college being nearby! I have been told by the top attorneys in Atlanta that no doctors office is doing anywhere near the volume we are !! Thank you for all you do....

New Jersey: I started Last month and I just felt like I had to update on this crazy program. I started to meet attorneys this week. 1 Monday, 1 Tuesday and 2 Wednesday. I have 2 scheduled for today and 4 more scheduled for next week. Here is the crazy part – the attorneys I met with Monday and Tuesday have both already sent in new PIP patients!! Are you kidding me?? Where have you two been all my life?? I just wanted to thank you both, as I really feel that this is a great program – with more to come!! Thanks!

Oregon: Worth every penny and then some. Since I hired Mark I have doubled my PI patients. Really... I hardly even do the things he says, I'm a bad client, I even told him I did not need him since I was not doing anything he suggested, and asked to stop with the program - then thought better of it. He courteously let me go, and then welcomed me back. He's available to talk; he is very considerate, helpful, insightful, and nice. Look at his Curriculum Vitae. The guy’s amazing. I'll tell you what... I respect the heck out of the guy. His material is excellent and he addresses issues in a way that no one else has that I am aware of. All the consultants and seminars who are into crash impact analysis or personal injury consulting should hire Mark. Most of The PI stuff out there just tells you how to defend chiropractic. It's like some war is waged and they tell you how to win it. Mark's focus is much more on the relationships, and not the war. Mark shows you how to manage the RELATIONSHIP with the attorney, the patient, and the insurance company - like NO ONE else does. When a PI patient comes around, or you need to call a lawyer, the confidence is there. Who knows why, but that has really kicked up the PI's around here. I think Mark just may have some sort of universal influence on PI patients??? At first I was overwhelmed and felt bad because I was not doing all the things Mark suggested, then I just went with it, and now that I look back at it I have twice as many PI's??? Go figure. Mark's on the payroll man. I cannot afford not to have him.

California: Since I have been involved with CMCS I actually have many, many lawyers invite me into their practices monthly and apologizing that they don't have enough patients to refer to me! Can you imagine that...If you told me 3 months ago I would be saying this, I wouldn't believe it. Beyond that, I have learned how to use my front desk and paperwork to have my staff grow my practice and Dr. Studin has given me enough written materials and ideas to grow my practice for the next 5 years. It's the best $199 per month I have ever spent!

Tennessee: Had my first meeting with a local attorney today. YOU ARE THE MAN! t was an excellent meeting. He just kept commenting on the narrative! I also have set up monthly meetings with him following the systems you created and also discussed going over any files that he would like me to review as well as per the plaintiff IME's.

California: I know you have been telling me this… for quite some time, but I just REALLY got it. The path to developing a relationship is Not asking to care for ONE of their clients but instead helping the attorney to really get to the full potential of every case. Now I know I can help any of the attorneys that I meet with. And it gives both of us a vehicle to immediately start doing business together. And from a totally selfish point of view it gives me a chance to help WAY more people. AH-HA! I can use that experience that I had with the one attorney to share this with every attorney. In just sitting with her for about 25 minutes she handed me at least 5 cases. All of which I reviewed. 4 out of the 5 had significant “mistakes” in them. Some hadn’t had the diagnostics that were necessary to document the bodily injury. Some had done step one but not the next step or steps. And ALL even if they had the necessary evidence of bodily injury hadn’t correlated the bodily injury with persistent functional loss.
These were just 5 cases that hadn’t been handled correctly. My plan is to now offer my services to the attorneys to review all of their cases, fill in the gaps, and help them to maximize the cases. The Plaintiff IME… genius!

Georgia: 27 new personal injury patients in December, in the most Chiropractic dense area in the country ...MARIETTA, GA ( I say this humbly, as I have paid my fair share of stupid tax before I joined your program)

New Hampshire: Well... I just called my first attorney about a case of an existing patient MVA that is kind of complicated by recent past WC and MVA injuries. The short of the story is... after a ten minute conversion he tells me "wow it is refreshing to have the chiropractor call me and talk about the case, they RARELY DO, and you are not afraid to talk on the phone, I like this, if this seems to go well I have a lot of cases of refer to you." I would have never had the knowledge and would have been timid to talk to them in the past. I am still learning and reading consults and building my CV (infrastructure is 50% in place). I told him I would be following up and we could have breakfast and I had some educational materials for him. Just wanted to share a successful moment!

Georgia: Just a short note to let you know that we started up 29 new personal injury patients as of the last day of November (today!). The 29th patient will actually start up this month (yes all personal injury patients must attend and they do!) tonight!.....I often say to myself What Would Studin Do as I go about my day, For example, an attorney called for final paperwork on a patient and we were dead certain that it had been delivered last week....I thought ,What would Studin Do?

Oklahoma: I just wanted to take a minute to tell you about an experience I had with an attorney today. It started out bad but got better thanks to you. A patient of mine referred another patient who was in a car wreck. The patient calls to cancel her appointment b/c the attorney told her to go to this other doctor b/c I didn't have the scruples (credentials is what I think he meant) that this other doctor has. I looked for this other doctor, who supposedly practices in the same town of 75K that I have practiced in for 9 years and I've never heard of him, and cannot find him anywhere. Weird. Needless to say, I called the attorney's office to get their fax # to send my CV. I ended up talking to the attorney who basically told me he has the doctors he likes to work with and only refers to them. I asked him if we had met before or worked any cases before and he said no. (I already knew this) I asked him if he was sitting at his computer, which he was. I told him I would email my CV to him immediately and he could review it, ask any questions, and if he felt like I didn't have the credentials that he could gladly send my referral to the other chiropractor. While he was waiting for the CV to arrive, he explained his way of doing things. Not really different from any other attorney... You could tell exactly when his eyes hit my CV because he said, "I'm going to change this and make sure "Patient" cancels with the other chiropractor and keeps her appointment with you, can you see her today." Of course we fit her in. Then the attorney started talking about how he would like to start sending more patients to me. Remember, we've never met or worked a case together and he just tried to rob a referral from my office only an hour earlier. A report will be waiting on his fax tomorrow morning detailing my findings from today as well as the treatment plan and prognosis. I don't know if this will turn out to be much of a referral relationship or not b/c we might not even want to work with this attorney; we are going to blow his socks off and he's sure going to want to work with us though. Thank you so much for all of your help with the PI program. I would not have been able to do this a year ago. I would have just been a mad chiropractor with nothing to stand on... Thanks again!

Illinois: I would like to share my experience on engaging attorneys uisng your program. I got an old copy of Sullivan’s Law Directory from one of my patients who is a court reporter. I picked 50 attorneys to call in my area, many were in group practices. After making 8 calls, I have access to 23 attorneys who do PI. I was forwarded to 2 attorneys without asking who listened to my "pitch" using Dr Studin’s 10 second scripting on these calls. I was asked if I ever had, or would be willing to testify as an expert witness, and if I would be willing to be available to call for further info. I got this warm fuzzy feeling because what I really wanted was offered without asking, using what little I have absorbed in 4 months from the massive amount of stuff from Dr Studin. Impressed is an understatement! Now I have to find the time to Rock on appointments with Attorneys!

Georgia: Just wanted to give you an update from my first meeting with an Attorney after a meeting we got using your system (much too easy.) They wanted to meet me as soon as possible. I went yesterday, have to be honest he took me off my game. Because the only thing he wanted to talk about was how he wanted to send me patients and all I did was say hello. I am assuming he was impressed by my CV and letter that we sent that you created as part of your program. I still felt like I had to talk about the educational articles, so we had a 45 minute conversation about Herniated disc vs Bulges, OA/degeneration, and low impact collisions. He definitely looked impressed and he has been in practice for 35 years. When I told him that I will stop by once a month to review 2 articles and review his files, his eyes lit up. By the way his daughter is an attorney and she sat in as well. She wanted to make sure I would refer out, took MRIs,...and then wanted to see my narrative she said it was perfect. Never once did I ask for a referral as you have taught me, matter of fact I didn't even take business cards (not sure if I was suppose to). However, he wanted me to drop some off ASAP. First experience with an Attorney was very encouraging. Thanks!!!

New Jersey: FROM: A lawyer to one of our doctors:

Dear Dr. John: Thank you very much for the report. I have seen many, many narrative reports over the years, and your format and content are superior. Now, at least I have a chance to go get a verdict, which is the only way trial attorneys are going to make any money in this climate. The days of settling for decent value appear to be over.Thanks again for all your help with this file.

California: Hello Dr Mark. It has become necessary to cancel my membership with you for awhile. I will rejoin you as soon as possible. Your program has been very valuable to me this last year. I was turned over to my state board by an insurance co., for over treating but because of your program and following your protocols and documentation standards I was able to only get a slap on the wrist for some other minor infractions that I couldn't overcome. Also, Medicare has audited me with no penalties or problems. Please cancel my membership as of today. I look forward to working with you again as soon as I get back on my feet. Thank you, thank you , thank you.

New York: I have been handling some personal issues as you know, and I went to see an attorney on something that I needed some help on. I walked out with 3 P-IME's on a case that he has as I introduced the Plaintiff IME concept to him. He loved it. Not only did it get the cases, but I will be required to testify in the upcoming Arbitration in the next 90 days. The defense IME's were your typical they should have spontaneously healed in 3-5 visits type. Just wanted to share. This is lawyer that I worked with in the distant past, and just decided to get his opinion on a personal matter that I needed some advice on, and in turn, I walk out with more than I came in with, and I now have a new office to add to the list of my growing referral tree.

Florida: I literally couldn’t believe my ears. First, let me tell you this… About 3 weeks ago I presented my narrative report to an attorney on a slip and fall case I was working on. Yes, presented This is an attorney I have never worked with before, so I wanted to take advantage of a few moments to impress with my narrative. Please understand, this attorney is a bit of a tough cookie. Just after my patient went for her last follow up with the neurologist (2 days after, to be precise) I received a letter from this attorney. The letter quoted State law and “demanded” a “final report within 10 days of this letter or I would be in violation… blah blah.” I immediately called her and briefly explained the chronology of symptomatology. She warmed up (a bit) and asked me to please get the narrative done ASAP and “send” it to her. Now, back to the presentation of the narrative…...After the presentation, I handed her my CV and told her I would be happy to review any other files she might have for any diagnostic dilemmas etc. She politely said “I’ll let you know if we ever need your help.” (good-bye forever, right?) BUT… Today, I saw on the caller ID that this same lawyer’s office was calling me. I wondered if they were calling to ask me to cut my bill so they could settle the case etc. WRONG! They were calling to ask ME if they could buy ME lunch… and “where would I like to go!” Huh? What the…? The owner/lawyer AND the associate will be meeting me for lunch in two weeks. I don’t even know what to say… and I remember being scared to get started with my first attorney meetings… what a laugh. THAT WAS EASY. Don’t wait to “advertise” and find lawyers to meet with. Get your CV up to snuff, and follow Dr. Studin's Plan...I am still in shock how easy that was … Thanks doc!

California: As you are aware, I have been in program for about 6 weeks or so, and at the onset of our conversation when I joined, I told you that I have been in practice for about 20 years and have always done a fair amount of Personal Injury business. I told you that I wanted to be the "Go to" Doctor in town and that was what attracted me to this program in the first place. So, in the beginning, you told me to read all the consultations, and then to call you. In the process of reading them, I also put together my C.V. and burned the thing that I used to call a C.V.(which is why no one in town ever saw me as the "go to" Guy) and produced a sample narrative report. After several revisions of the C.V. and the sample narrative I had some tools. As you will recall, I called you up and basically admitted to you that I was scared, laced with fear and knew in my heart it was time to just do it, but was afraid of making a mistake, or doing it wrong, or whatever excuse I wanted to come up with. Following that conversation with you, and with a strong push from you, I did my first presentation and had some success, and that was all I needed because then the reality that this program works took, over. Long story short, $122 for lunch for 4, 1.5 hours in the conference room, and their parting words, is we can see using you as a plaintiff IME for cases we have with other chiropractors, as an agreed IME to help settle a case, and we would like you to do a Plaintiff IME on the 25 or so outstanding cases that we have in our office. From this point on they want to follow the protocols that are part of this program, and believe that I am truly a resource for their office. I am only in this program six weeks, and still have so much to learn, and so much to still digest, but for anyone who sits in fear like I did just a few short weeks ago, my suggestion is just keep reading, keep learning and when the time comes to make the first presentation, just go do it. They are begging for the information. The last words I heard was, I can see you have done a lot of work here and still stuff is great. As an office, you have changed out mind that you can’t use a chiropractor as an expert. Keep working hard is my suggestion, as if I can pull this off in six weeks, where will I be in a year. Practice and Life just became fun again, and now I don’t have to buy into the "it’s a bad economy, everyone is slow" speech. The economy is good, and as of today, Prosperity, Growth, Happiness and Wealth are within reach, but as Mark says, you have to be willing to do the work to get there. Like he said to me on the phone moments ago, "You are living the dream."!!!!!!!! Come Monday we will be calling approximately 30 or so patients who will come in for examination...

North Carolina: I am in your program and I just finished the PI Bootcamp, what tremendous amount of good info that really ties all the consults together. I was one of those shmucks for many years as well who tried the wining and dining to very little avail. I formerly practiced in a large PI office, although I can now say that I never really "figured" it out. Now I am on my own and have been banging my skull against the wall in frustration because I could not get a good flow of PI patients, even with all of my "experience" in dealing with these types of cases. Since signing up as a client and taking the PI Bootcamp, I realized that my experience from the past was only in high volume, and not in being the best of the best in my town. I want to thank you for changing that, I learned about as much with your program in 2 weeks than I did in 9 1/2 years and hundreds of PI patients, or at least how to do it properly, which is more important. Today we had 3 PI new patients call for appointments and an attorney referral from a city nearly 4 hrs away. To date, we have 8 PI new patients this month and the month is only half over, our former old record was 10. We also have 2 more for this afternoon to tie the record. I am looking forward to a hugely prosperous year.

Louisiana: Hi Mark, thank you for taking your time to help me get a quick start with the ‘P/I’ program. I have really enjoyed learning how to create a professional, and valuable CV that generates continuous referrals. The narrative report that we composed is very impressive and has already paid for itself 10 times over. I used your 60 second ‘elevator’ introduction with an attorney last Friday; I said, "..." The Lawyer said, “That is very interesting, may I have your card, and I’ll call you.”[ that was the entire 60 second conversation ]. Monday, the attorney called, and personally brought a client to my clinic. I showed him my CV, and described how I would coordinate and summarize all of the doctor’s reports, and “Quarter Back” the case for his firm. The lawyer said, “That is very interesting.” He then scheduled another of his clients for evaluation before he left. This program really works, I never asked him for a referral…That is the most fun that I’ve ever had with a Lawyer ! I appreciate your help and guidance. Yours in health and success,

New York: I have been working with CMCS Management for 3 months and today received 4 phone calls from lawyers that I never had a relationship with before. They requested information from me and using the protocols and scripts given to me, I instantly set up 3 meetings for next week.

Maryland: Dr. Mark, I'm sorry it took a couple weeks but I wanted to share the most recent event with a case I had to go to trial for. This case was your average hit from behind "MIST" minor impact soft tissue MVC that the insurance company (State farm) was fighting. The attorney told me they gave a very low offer because the patient had prior insurance claims (prior accident and workers comp) and a laps in care ( a few months after the accident before tx) that worried the defense and patient/client. Now based on information I have learned through your PI Bootcamp, MRI, and accident reconstruction courses the case was not too much of a challenge for me to decipher. The attorney has been very excited to put me on the stand after attending your attorney lecture you did down here for us a few months ago and since seeing my newly updated CV. So the court case arrived a few weeks ago and while we were waiting in the courtroom the attorney went over with my CV to the state farm (SF) attorney and presented her with my CV and said he was not only going to use me as an expert on the chiropractic and physical therapy treatments and injuries, he was also going to use me as an expert in crash dynamics to relate the impact/damage to the patients injuries and asked if she had a problem with that. She acted confused and then my patients attorney turned to me and asked me to come over and explain my credentials a little more to her. After I did that, she did not object and we went back to our seats. The SF attorney then went outside the room, came back after a few minutes and wanted to talk to our attorney. They gave an offer more than 3X the original offer to try to settle prior to the trial. After our attorney deliberated with the client they decided to counter offer for more $$$. The SF attorney then went outside to call Sate Farm (SF) for approval and then came back with another offer approximately 5X the original offer and they settled! The attorney clearly stated that this would not of happened if I had not been there and had a CV as powerful as mine...and keep in mind I have only been out of school for 3 years and 98% of my CV is your online courses! Another note is that my clients attorney then stopped by my office hours later to thank me again and to inform me of the conversation he had with the (SF) attorney after the case was over. She said prior to her final offer when she was on the phone with her boss, State Farm researched my credentials and verified them online to make sure they were "legit" before trying to settle, which they were able to verify and then proceeded with the okay to offer more money. Now my clients attorney wanted to still proceed with the trial with confidence he could've gotten more $ but the client was very nervous and wanted to settle. In the end everybody was happy and both the client and attorney were very impressed with me, my CV, and confidence. I thank you Dr. Studin for what you do to make us be.... the best of the best!

Georgia: Dear Dr. Studin, The Month of February 2013 was a great month and I am writing to tell you our stats which you can use any way you want to in your advertising...New PI patients 43. I attribute my success to your program and your unparalleled coaching...Please feel free to give anyone considering your program my personal cell number to discuss the merits of the Lawyers P Program...P.S. my overhead is less than 50

Ohio: Mark, I have been around a long time and have never been successful in personal injury...until now! Thank you so much for the help! I am so excited by the fact that I have been in 3 attorney offices and am scheduled for 3 more. They are eager for someone that can provide the fact the way that they need. One attorney was so elated and stated that he had a number of cases that needed a doctor to testify, but the patient could not AFFORD it and so had to settle for a much lower amount than he should have. Thank you again Mark. It’s not a get rich quick method, it IS a get rich slow but steady program that works!

Washington: Thanks for everything and your program has been an important part of helping improve my PI practice. When I started in Jan 2011 my practice was 8% PI and as of last month it was 30%. Thanks again Doc!

Pennsylvania: I'm so freaking busy with PI referrals since my seminar I haven't had time to breathe recently or get on the phone to talk to you.  Thank you.  it's been about 30 days since the seminar and I have 1 firm that has referred me 6 solid cases along with the many others!  



Frequently Asked Questions


What is the Doctors PI Program? A program to get personal injury cases because of your clinical excellence. The program is engineered to sustain your success for a lifetime and have the referral sources run after you because you are the solution.

Why is this program unique? Personal injury success is not based on the success of the marketing. The personal injury marketplace changes every time a court renders a new decision and/or the carriers take a different tactic in how they function with you. This program changes often and keeps you ahead of those changes. No one in the industry keeps you up to date on changes as we do.

What dictates success in personal injury? Success in personal injury, along with success in personal injury marketing (PI Marketing) largly depends upon how the medical-legal community is trending. As we have clients in 44 states and Dr. Studin lectures to lawyers in 25 states, we are able to constantly see "future trends" and prepare for

Is this a marketing program? Yes. Although marketing is not what creates your success in personal injury, it is how to help expand your practice base once you have created an admissible infrastructure. Our marketing programs are simply the best in the nation for personal injury and is centered on your clinical excellence.

What is the cost of the program? The fee is $199 monthly with a 1-time set up fee of $225. If you have a mature practice ther are no other fees other than post-doctoral courses if you need to earn credentials.

Is there a length of stay requirement in the contract? No, this is a month to month program. If you do not feel this program is for you, quit at any time with no risk.

How long does it take to start getting new cases? It takes on the average 6-8 weeks to build your infrastructure. New cases usually start at that point.

Do you market my practice for me? No...and you do not want us to. We teach you how to get the referral sources running after you. This way, should you ever terminte our relationship, your referrals never stop.

How much time do I need to invest to make this work? We have designed the program to take 15 minutes a day for 6-8 weeks to build your infrastructure.

How do I get help if needed? Simply call us. We are available 7 days a week and you can call as often as needed.

Is there a set appointment time to call weekly? No...that is counterproductive and counterintuitive. If you call every Monday at 3pm, what if you have a question on another day? Call anytime and as often as you need, when you need an answer.

How is my clinical excellence going to get me new cases if I am not going to market? We have numerous clearly outlined programs on how to get the referrals. We are going to use a combination of internal and external referral sources that have been market tested and are all reproducible. In addition, our staff will be working with your staff and training them on suggested tasks.

What if I need clinical help? Included in the program is a spine specialist to help on any clinical issues. In essence, you have a clinical consultant to call anytime.

Do I sign up with an experienced doctor only to have a consultant assigned to me who is less experience? No, you wil be working exclusively with Dr. Studin who is a 30+ year practitioner.

Can I be successful in personal injury if I do not have a CV or narrative? Although those are tools that are required, part of our job is to teach you how to create those tools and guide you through the process. The process is much easier than neuro-anatomy and we all got through that!

Do I have to pay anything in addition to the $199 once i get started? The only additional costs you could incur is if you need to take addition course work to get formal credentials. Our post-doctoral courses are not included in the Doctors PI Program. However, if you have a mature practice (HIPAA forms, evaluation templates, SOAP notes, etc...), you should need to purchase anything in addition.

Is the Colossus training included in the $199?
Yes. We teach you the entire Colossus protocols and how to implement them into both your reporting and then how to communicate that with the legal community. 

Can I have my staff do this for me?
No, although your staff can support you, this program is based upon the "doctor's clinical excellence." That will be the core of your success.

Do I need to buy any expensive equipment? The most expensive piece of equipment needed is a 2-piece inclinometer. A hand-held one is the minimum requirement and should be in every office as a doctor's basic tool regardless of personal injury.

What if I have multiple doctors in my office? The cost is the same and each additional doctor is charged a 1-time $75 credentialing fee.

Is there a help desk? Yes, we have a full time program coordinator and an entire support team for any technical issues.

Is the program hard to follow once I get started? That is the easiest part. Once you start, you get a manual that guides you "step-by-step." You also get complete written instructions on how to proceed at the beginning as well as verbal instructions to support the process. And as always, you can call to simply clear up any lingering issues.

Are there any compliance reviews involved? Yes, the very first thing you do, once you get started is send us a copy of your records and we do a complaince review.

How often in the proigram updated? The core of the success of the Doctors PI Program is that is changes very often. Sometimes weekly. Most personal injury programs "tweak" their program as new research becomes available. Although we do that, the real changes are necessitated by the courts who dictate the what constitutes success in personal injury. As Dr. Studin has lectured to over 120,000 personal injury lawyers nationally and continues to do so 30-35 times per year in 26 states, he is continually in front of both plaintiff and defense lawyers who teach him the changes in the courts, which then mandate how we need to change in order to the meet the most current standards of the courts. Anything less, puts you behind the curve and becomes nothing more than practicing with yesterday's paradigm and will eventually "derail your success." This program is designed to ensure your success for the balance of your career.